What kind of person am I? (Part I)


Usually pretty patient (Lord knows I try).

















Writing 201: Poetry, Day 1 – Screen, Haiku, Alliteration

Screen Door

Portal to the world.

Keeps flies out of my kitchen,

But also the sky.

The worst Thanksgiving dish you ever had…

There is so much that is just…just so wonderful…about Thanksgiving food. In fact, that should make up for one solitary dish that is not-so-great, right? Yes. Definitely yes, it should.

And yet…

And yet, maybe it’s that, because Thanksgiving feasts are generally so magical, when we do come across that one plate full of something terrible, we are so utterly disappointed. We feel betrayed. How dare this dish defy this glorious celebration of the bounty of our labors?

Now, for me, that certain dish…that one thing that I just can not make myself ingest on Thanksgiving Day…is stuffing.

I know! I’m un-American. I was raised by wolves. I have no soul. All of these things I know, but I simply cannot eat stuffing.

I mean no offense, please do not take it personally. It does not matter if you made it. It does not matter if she made it. It does not matter if he made it. It does not matter if my mother made it.



OK, honestly, this prompt is killing me. I’m not inspired, so I’m just going to stop here.

What can happen in a second?

A lot. A lot can happen in a second.

The blink of an eye. The beat of a wing. The touch of a hand. Falling in love.

The sound of a gasp. The shot of a gun. The drop of a tear. Breaking a heart.

All of those things and infinitely more can happen in a second. The making of a choice. The passing of a life. Suddenly, that second doesn’t seem so small, does it? Suddenly, it’s enormous.

The entirety of our each and every day is comprised of seconds full of activity of one sort or another, happening everywhere.  Maybe you are sitting on the couch right this second, but what about the cat? What about the low hum of the car idling outside your window, on the street? What about your loved ones? The neighbors? What are they doing in the next town? The next state? The next country? The next continent?

Minuscule and giant, all at once.

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